Practising Yoga

virtual personal training

If you're budget conscious, want great results, but just need the right programme, this package is for you.

This is a "no-frills" package where I provide you with a bespoke, constantly developing, exercise programme for you to follow in your own time.

£50 per month

goal setting

We will agree a set of short term and long term goals which we will document and revisit regularly. I will also set a realistic expectation for when you can expect to achieve those goals.

bespoke fitness programme

I will write your programme from scratch to suit your specific goals and requirements (and not just access to a video library.)

Your programme is constantly reviewed and developed to ensure that you are constantly working towards achieving your goals.

Writing on a Notebook

weekly catchups

Every week, we'll meet online for a 20 - 30 minute catch up to discuss how the previous 7 days have gone.

This session allows you to ask questions, give me detailed feedback, and also maintains a level of accountability throughout the programme.

Additionally, I aim to make one of these reviews in person, roughly every 4 to 6 weeks.

full support

I will support, motivate, and encourage you all the way. I make myself available by text, email, WhatsApp, or Messenger at any sensible hour.

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