Fitness is very much a second career for me. I qualified as a PT in 2009, having studied and attended workshop training weekends while working full time.

I'd had a pretty sucessful career prior to that, working rapidly through the ranks as a retail manager, before taking my retail knowledge and customer service skills into an IT Support career. I spent 11 years developing a helpdesk team which supported retail and fast food outlets.

But I was getting bored, and stressed.

I was going to Circuit Classes and had built a good friendship with my instructors. I'd spoken to one of them, Belinda, about wanting a change of career direction, and she suggested I qualify as a PT.

After a couple of months research, I committed a considerable amount of money towards gaining all the qualifications I needed with Future Fit Training, a company who to this day I believe are the best in the industry.


2 1/2 years later I was qualified and ready to go. The chance of voluntary redundancy made the jump easy, but if truth be told, it was a bit too quick and I floundered. The news that my daughter would be joining us in 2010 made me refocus. I went back to working in IT Retail support but kept doing PT on the side. A few years went by, and a couple of misguided career moves put me in a position where I needed to make a big change. I was being bullied at work by the boss from hell and all the time the dream of being a PT was nagging at me.

Enough was enough! I'd have one final, balls out, death or glory effort. If it didn't work this tim, I'd bin it completely.

I took 6 months to formulate a plan, and in August 2015 took an enormous amount of pleasure in informing my boss that she would be losing yet another employee from her team. And damn it felt good.

My plan came together, my boss refused to shake my hand the day I left, and set out on big adventure. I finally felt free! I ran the Great South Run a month later and smashed a ridiculous 6 minutes off my best


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