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Exercise For Cancer Rehabilitation

Exercise Referral (for chronic illnesses)

Pre & Post Natal Exercise

Personal Trainer / Advanced Instructor

Advanced Resistance Training

Exercise For Fat Loss

Boxercise - Advanced Skills & Kids

Circuit Training

Nutrition & Weight Management

Nutrition For Sport & Exercise

Hey, I'm Stuart and I have the best job in the world - helping you improve your health and fitness!

I get what you're thinking! You want to improve your health and fitness but you're busy with real life and the curve balls that every day life throws at you.

And if you're living with Cancer or a chronic medical condition, you've got your hands pretty full!


I'm a single parent, juggling school runs with running a business and maintaining my own fitness.

So the one thing that I KNOW for sure is that planning and efficiency is everything!

I had many years working in IT Management leading Customer Support teams, developing very strong organisational skills.

But I wasn't passionate about printers and databases.

My Circuit Training Instructor pointed out that I had all the management and customer care skills, I just needed to learn the technical side of being a PT.

After 30 months of studying, case studies and exams, I set out on a new journey, free form the constraints of corporate life, with a new skill set. 

And since 2009 I've been using all of those skills to great effect!

My aim sounds very simple: I want to help you to achieve your health and fitness goals.

But because you're an individual with your own strengths, weaknesses, traits and challenges, working together will be as unique an experience for me

as it will be for you.

And that's why I do what I do. This isn't a job for me... it's so much more!

Let's talk about you and your goals in more depth.

Hit link below to book a consultation.

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