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I wanted to do something for so long!! The workout itself was never the problem as I used to play football and I had worked as a ski instructor for a few years but I realised that was a long time ago now. I struggled to find my way back to training and it was also the case of finding the right thing to do. I have never had the motivation to hit the gym, didn’t feel comfortable nor think it was fun, or just go out running (boring!).

It was just by coincidence I ended up with a personal trainer. My friend asked me to join her PT sessions so I thought I'd give it a go. 
She had been training with Stuart for many years and recommended him highly, or in her own words – would never train with anyone else…

I still remember that day we sat down for a chat and Stuart asked me what I wanted to achieve.

All I can say is: the art of managing expectations - he knew and I learned. 

The start was painful, forgotten muscles had to actually do something and getting into the routine of going to the gym wasn’t always easy. 
I wanted ‘go hard or go home’ and that is exactly what I got. It was really great having Stuart checking in on me, helping me to get it done. 

It got easier very quickly and wow after getting your ass kicked for a couple of months you get addicted. I felt great not only physically but also mentally.  I once again had structure in my training, a fabulous mix of exercises and I could really see the results and so could other people. I got stronger and even started running (for fun)!

He is definitely the training buddy I needed to get going and to stay on track. 

Stuart really is one of the nicest guys I have ever met, easy-going and supportive.

When it’s needed he really pushes you and gets you to do that little bit extra.  So yet again thank you for that!!


For me Stuart’s greatest quality is the way he motivates me and I am super glad about my new found way of thinking and feeling about training. I am very grateful for all the education, learning new and correct techniques and nutrition. It all really makes sense now. 

I can’t say enough good things about Stuart – the results speak for themselves. 
After my time together with Stuart, which is now nearly 2 years,  I will have to say I fully agree with my friend – would never train with anyone else…

I have now moved away from the UK and live in Scandinavia but decided to not let go of a good thing. He is still my trainer!

"It's All To Do With The Training: You Can Do A Lot If You're Properly Trained." - Elizabeth II, Queen Of Great Britain

Jennie - Gothenburg, Sweden

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