Weight Lifting

medical conditions

Exercise is safe, effective, and highly recommended for many medical conditions.


Increasing physical activity can help with a wide range of health conditions, both physically and psychologically.

If you have found yourself inactive, or minimally active due to a medical condition, I will support and guide you in making exercise an everyday part of your life. This all happens in the comfort of your own home.

Covid19 safe online training available.

goal setting

We will agree a set of short term and long term goals which we will document and revisit regularly. I will also set a realistic expectation for when you can expect to achieve those goals.

bespoke fitness programme

I write every programme from scratch to suit the specific needs of my clients. Even if I have several clients wanting to run a 10k, the needs of the individuals to achieve that goal will all be unique. Therefore, I ensure that everything I produce is written specifically for you.

nutritional guidance

If it is relevant to your personal goal, I will work closely with you to ensure your diet is balanced and not holding you back.

personal trainer sessions

As regularly as you require them. You will always be pushed hard to ensure that you are making the biggest possible steps towards achieving your goal

regular assessments

Every 4 to 6 weeks I will carry out a set of measurements and tests that will allow us to monitor the effectiveness of the programme that I am managing for you. From that data we can chart progression and make changes as required.

full support

A one hour training session passes very quickly but I don't just walk away, saying "see you next time". I will support, motivate, and encourage you all the way. I make myself available by phone, text, email, WhatsApp, or Messenger at any sensible hour.

Working Out


2x 60 minute PT sessions per month based on 2 sessions at

£40.00 each

Includes all other standard services and online check-in every other week


£80 per month*


1x 60 minute PT session per week based on 4 sessions at £35 each

Includes all other standard services


£140 per month*


2x 60 minute PT sessions per week based on 8 sessions at £32.50 each

Includes all other standard services


£260 per month*


3x 60 minute PT sessions per week based on 12 sessions at £30.00 each

Includes all other standard services


£360 per month*

* prices may vary slightly subject to your location

If you recommend a friend who subsequently starts a

Personal Training programme with me, you will be offered a £20 Amazon gift card or 4 free classes!

This will be offered after your friend has paid for their first month of Personal Training sessions.

Just get your friend to mention your name during the consultation process.

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