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Thursday 7:30pm


Link will be emailed out prior to the class each week.

One of the original, and most effective training systems, Circuit Training hits every muscle group as well as pushing your cardio vascular system.

The basic class structure is repeated for 4 weeks so that you can see yourself developing. To keep things interesting, I add a bit of a twist each week, with variants on the theme such as "Chaos" or "Extinction" formats.

This is intended to be an hour's release from the stresses of everyday life, and is made as Covid safe as possible through social distancing measures.

The class is limited to just 8 people which allows everyone to have their own

3m x 3m workout space. 

You will need to bring with you an Exercise Mat, Hand Sanitiser, and a full drinks bottle. Other than keys and mobile phone, I ask that you don't bring anything else with you.


prices and t&c

£3.50 per class

payable online by BACS

Please note that pre-payments are only valid for the current month.

Pre-payments must be used within the current calendar month and cannot be carried over to the following month.

Pre-payments are non-transferable and non-refundable.

You can pay through online banking if you wish.
I will provide my bank details on request.


meet your instructor

Circuit Training is where my career in Fitness and exercise began!

I was attending a class twice a week and had got to know the instructors well.

It was a suggestion from one of them that led me to becoming a personal trainer.

A lot of my approach to running a Circuit class comes from those classes and to this day, Circuit Training is one of my absolute favourite types of class.

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