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If cost is all that is holding you back, this is the perfect package for you!


You will receive all of the services offered for individual personal training with the added motivation and enjoyment of working out with you friends. It has been shown that you are 80% more likely to achieve your goals of you exercise with a friend.


Groups can be up to a maximum of 4 people to ensure that quality isn't compromised.


Training sessions can take place at your home if you have space or at a venue in Gosport (subject to availability).


Goal Setting: On an individual basis, we will agree a set of short term and long term goals which we will document and revisit regularly. I will also set a realistic expectation for when you can expect to achieve those goals.


Bespoke Fitness Programmes: I write every programme from scratch to suit the specific needs of my clients. While the group will be all working to the same programme, I will progress or regress each exercise to ensure that each individual is working at an optimum level, and not struggling to keep up of finding things too easy.


Nutritional Planning And Guidance: This is one of the most complex areas of health and fitness. If it is relevant to your groups goals, I will work closely with each individual to ensure their diet is balanced and not holding them back.


Personal Training Sessions: As regularly as you require them. You will always be pushed hard to ensure that you are making the biggest possible steps towards achieving your goal


Regular Assessments: Every 4 to 6 weeks I will carry out a set of measurements and tests that will allow us to monitor the effectivness of the programme that I am managing for you. From that data we can chart progression and make changes as required.


Full Support: A one hour training session passes very quickly but I don't just walk away, saying "see you next time". I will support, motivate, and encourage you all the way. I make myself available by phone, text, email, WhatsApp, Facebook at any sensible hour.

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