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If you value your health, you need to follow an adequate, well balanced diet.


The biggest question is: what constitutes "adequeate" and "well balanced"?

The word diet is usually associated with restriction of food, cutting out what is perceived to be unhealthy and eating special, often expensive, replacements.

Suddenly, diet is something that is a phase rather than day to day life.

By definition, a diet is "The usual food and drink of a person or animal".

The media feeds you conflicting, and at time simply inaccurate, marketing-led dietary advice leaving you to try to fathom fact from fiction.


Having been taught by Dietician Priya Tew (BBC1 Eat Well For Less), I can give you the information that you need without the marketing spin and guide you towards following a healthy diet that will optimise your health and allow food to be a source of pleasure rather than misery and guilt.

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