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Most women benefit greatly from exercising during their pregnancies. An active lifestyle during pregnancy helps to maintain or even improve physical fitness.

And with some modification to your regular exercise routines, you can continue to exercise right through your pregnancy.


Exercise during pregnancy can help prevent or reduce

- Back pain

- Nausea

- Leg Cramps

- Ankle Swelling

- Fatigue

- Excessive Weight Gain

- Need for caesarean section during labour.

- gestational diabetes

- deep vein thrombosis

- Pre-eclampsia

up to 30% shorter labour.


You can potentially see improvements in

- Strength & Fitness

- Energy levels

- Blood circulation

- Self esteem & confidence

- Recovery time after birth.


The Post-Natal period can be just as physically demanding as the Pre-Natal stage as your body is recovering from the stress of childbirth.


Following a successful post-natal check-up with your doctor, you will find that a carefully managed Post-Natal exercise programme will benefit you both physically and psychologically.


- Muscle imbalance correction

- Strength & Fitness

- Better quality of sleep

- Improved circulation

- Reduction in body fat.

- Reduced likelihood of suffering post-natal depression

- enhanced relaxation

- Reduced stress

- Enhanced self confidence

- Increased personal satisfaction.


Weight gain during pregnancy is a normal and unavoidable consequence of being pregnant however post natal exercise and eating healthy food will help you to regain, and even improve your pre-pregnancy weight and fitness level.


I can help you make informed decisions about what, and how much, to eat.

I don’t ask you to follow any specific diet plan or eat expensive foods that you may not normally like.

My approach is simply to look at what you would normally eat and what you like to eat and advise you on what modifications you need to make to ensure that you supply your body with a healthy balance of nutrients.

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